India is one step closer to making the ‎world’s first fully functional hyperloop ‎transportation system

Maharashtra government has granted $10 billion (700 billion Indian rupees) public infrastructure status of the project for its hyperloop plan between Mumbai and Pune. Maharashtra state cabinet made this clear on July 30 to put Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop One project on the fast track. Distance between Mumbai and Pune is about 120 km and it takes 3.5 hours to travel between them by road. The project aims to make this travel time down to 35 minutes by 2026.

There is no complete Hyperloop project in the world until now.  Hyperloop is still in the research stage. But Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra said that India wants to make first fully functional Hyperloop transport system in the world and start a global hyperloop supply chain starting from Pune.

US-based company Virgin Hyperloop one is working on this project. Virgin Hyperloop One is currently working on its Dubai-Abu Dhabi and Los Angeles-Los Vegas projects alongside Mumbai -Pune project. UAE’s DP World (DPW), a global trade leader and a major ports and logistics operator in India will invest $500 million to complete the first phase. The first phase is to be started from Pune and it is 11.8 km long out the complete route which is 117.5 km long. The Maharashtra government will provide the land.

The idea of Hyperloop we first presented by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk in a public white paper of about sixty pages half a decade ago. Hyperloop pods are levitated through magnets and are zipped through a tube raised on pylons. Tube has very low friction as most of the air is sucked out.

Last month, Avishkar Hyperloop — a student team from IIT Madras — met Virgin Hyperloop One Co-founder Josh Geigel who praised India’s effort to be the frontrunner in hyperloop technology.

Harj Dhaliwal, managing director for India and the Middle East, Virgin Hyperloop One, said: “Once commercialized, it will transform the Pune-Mumbai corridor into a mega-economic region moving people and cargo between these two centers in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.”

Each year 75 million people travel across Pune and Mumbai and this figure is expected to increase up to 130 million by 2026. Virgins Hyperloop system is estimated to transfer 200 million people annually across Mumbai and Pune within 35 minutes compared to 3.5 hours by car at present.

This project will create high technological jobs and will provide wider socio-economics benefits of up to $36 billion. It will create new manufacturing opportunities to create new hyperloop components and export to India and other countries.

Getting started with SQL for data-science

Why SQL?

There is very high demand for data scientists right now in the market. The hottest job of the twenty-first century offers a six-figure salary in dollars and a job satisfaction score of 4.4 out of five. That is the reason why data science is on the top spot of jobs on websites like Glassdoor. Data analysis of these sites shows that SQL is one of the top three skills required for a data scientist. If you have just started learning data science fundamentals it is important for you to start learning SQL.

            SQL is the powerful domain-specific language that is used for communication with a database whether it is big data spanning over a lot of servers, a small table for a government initiative or a data of a startup. Learning SQL has a lot of professional advantages and some of them are;

  1. It will boost your professional career as a data science as it is the top sought skill in this job.
  2. It will give you a lot of understanding of the relational database.
  3. Even if it is not your work to query data, it would be a pleasure to write simple statements and query data out of the database when your teammate is on leave.

In this blog series, you will learn the basics of SQL and relational databases and you will even be able to do a coursera course on data science without watching its videos.

This blog aims to develop a practical knowledge of SQL so that you could work with a database directly. You will need Python and Jupyter notebooks to connect to the relational databases to access and analyze data to connect to the database and run SQL queries like a data scientist.

What is SQL?

            SQL is a language used query (or get) data out of a database. SQL stands for “Structured English Query Language. It can be pronounced as S.Q.L or Sequel.

What is Data and a Database?

            Data is a collection of facts in the form of words, numbers and even figures. It is a valuable asset of every business so every business tries to store it. Data is everywhere. Your banks, schools, hospitals, etc. store data about you, your name, address, cell phone number, etc. The storage of the data is as important as the data is. Data is stored in a database. A database is a repository of the data. Databases allow for viewing, modifying and querying (getting) data.

Data can be stored in many ways. The database is called a relational database when the data is stored in tabular form. Data is organized in rows and columns like in a spreadsheet in a relational database. As a database is a repository of the data, a set of software tools for managing data in a database is called a database management system or DBMS for short. The terms database, database server, and database system can be used interchangeably. If the database is a relational database then these tools are called relational database management systems or RDBMS. RDBMS is a set of software tools that control data like data access, data organization, and data storage. RDBMS is the backbone of many industries including banking, transportation, and health. Examples of RDBMS are, mySQL, Oracle Database and DB2 Warehouse on Cloud.

Five most commonly used Sql commands

There are five simple commands that are used by most of the data scientists while creating a table.

  1. create a table
  2. insert the data to populate the table, 
  3. select the data from the table, 
  4. update the data in the table, 
  5. delete the data from the table. 

In this first blog of the series “SQL for data science” you have learned what is SQL and why is it important for data science. Stay connected with us to learn daily through new blog about data science.

This video game will teach your kid ‎programming concepts

There are hundreds and thousands of online resources where one can learn programming and become a ninja from a novice. We are in the middle of the computer revolution and every single person in our next generation is going to have at least a little bit of programming knowledge. But most of our children lose interest in programming before reaching the age when professional programming studies start. To overcome this, programming environments like Scratch were introduced. But as you know that even environments like Scratch can cause frustration for kids who cannot even read.

But what if I told you that there is a video game that will make your toddlers understand how does programming work? Yes, Lightbot is that educational game and it is a highly rated game on iTunes and Google play store. Your kid can now play it on his/her Android, iPhone and even on a laptop as it is also available online as a Flash game. It is also available now for Amazon kindle and Mac.

Screenshot from Lightbot
Screenshot from Lightbot game

The game features a robot that you need to direct through a maze using command blocks and turn on lights. Kids arrange the symbols on the screen to command the robot to walk, jump, turn on lights and so on. While playing this game your kid will understand the concepts of programming like loops, procedure and many more without learning any programming language. The maze game becomes more complicated as the game progresses.

The game developed by Danny Yaroslavsky is available in 18 different languages including English, French, and German. The game has been played more than 7 million times. Overall it is a nice start for a kid to learn basics of programming. You can go to their official website or can click the links below to download and play the game.