There are hundreds and thousands of online resources where one can learn programming and become a ninja from a novice. We are in the middle of the computer revolution and every single person in our next generation is going to have at least a little bit of programming knowledge. But most of our children lose interest in programming before reaching the age when professional programming studies start. To overcome this, programming environments like Scratch were introduced. But as you know that even environments like Scratch can cause frustration for kids who cannot even read.

But what if I told you that there is a video game that will make your toddlers understand how does programming work? Yes, Lightbot is that educational game and it is a highly rated game on iTunes and Google play store. Your kid can now play it on his/her Android, iPhone and even on a laptop as it is also available online as a Flash game. It is also available now for Amazon kindle and Mac.

Screenshot from Lightbot
Screenshot from Lightbot game

The game features a robot that you need to direct through a maze using command blocks and turn on lights. Kids arrange the symbols on the screen to command the robot to walk, jump, turn on lights and so on. While playing this game your kid will understand the concepts of programming like loops, procedure and many more without learning any programming language. The maze game becomes more complicated as the game progresses.

The game developed by Danny Yaroslavsky is available in 18 different languages including English, French, and German. The game has been played more than 7 million times. Overall it is a nice start for a kid to learn basics of programming. You can go to their official website or can click the links below to download and play the game.

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